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Don’t Door Me! 

Wish this shirt glowed in the dark or was reflective. 

This t-shirt pretty much sums up my feelings on politics… :)

If only we could walk around the streets of the US drinking beer. Germany > USA Oh and this cool invention solves the litter / bottle guy digging though the trash problem that so many cities have. 

Dear Levis - Have I told you lately that I love you?
Yours truely,

Avid City Biker

Another day, another geeky t-shirt purchase… :) 

Awesome copywriting on my stick of Old Spice! I wish more companies had a sense of humor!

Just incase it wasn’t obvious by my helmet, rolled up jeans… - I love my bike T-shirt. 

#Coffee is so much better with an awesome mug!

All we need is a little ‘realignment’ sometimes… AWESOME T-shirt over at @pixelworkers shop! 

Cute & nerdy valenties day card. I’d consider buying this but I doubt my partner would get it :)

My apartment is extremely dry in the winter so I needed a humidifier. Introducing the CUTEST HUMIDIFIER IN THE WORLD!!!! :)

Loving these quirky ‘Hopside Down’ pint glasses.

Currently drinking: Organic Love Buzz. MMMM! #coffee #packaging

Currently drinking: Organic Love Buzz. MMMM! #coffee #packaging

Shelf with drawers + bike rack == win! 

An ingenious design for those of us with limited space, the Bike Commuter Organizer is a gift from the small apartment gods. Designed by Brad Reed Nelson at Board by Design, this small box bolts into your wall and provides a rack to hang your bike and a drawer to keep anything you need—locks, pump, tubes, patch kit, whatever! Constructed out of walnut with powder coated and tool dipped steel hooks, this tough and simple design brings a functionality you never knew you needed, but you won’t be able to live without.

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